Damp floors

Causes, Findings and Solutions:

  • This is usually caused by seepage of water by capillary action from either the side walling or though the body of the concrete slab.
  • Some of these slabs are below ground level and will require tanking.
  • Damp in floors could also be masked by floor finishes. Eventually the damp and efflorecence will come through(particularly on the grout lines between tiles). This damp can be identified with a damp meter.
21 Tennant - 3 Oct 08 006
This slab is fully soaked with the damp rising up the perimeter walling.
Here the damp is travelling from the exterior balcony slab to the interior floor slab. The floor finish had to be lifted as it was distroyed by the damp and leaks.
At this property the new laminated flooring came up due o the entire floor slab being soaked.
In this photo you can see that the exterior floor finish is higher that the interior floor finish. A basic building error.


The stains on the carpet indicate that the floor slab underneath the carpet is wet.
This floor is in perfect condition yet it measures damp underneath the decorative screed. It is likely that damp will manifest sooner or later.



What is tanking?

  • The tanking procedure is carried out on the inside. This saves huge costs of external works which may not be necessary.
  • Tanking is a method for preventing moisture ingress into a habitable room space by installation of a waterproof chemical lining on the inside in the affected area to be waterproofed (tanked).

Contact us for help:

  • If in doubt please call us and our Engineer will come out to assess the problems.
  • Our philosophy at JV Waterproofing and Restoration is that, “if it is not broken don’t fix it”.

“We effectively determine the extent of the damp and repair only the areas which require repair.”

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