It is worth the pain

People shake in their proverbial boots when they come to the realization that it is now time to tackle that old damp wall or leaking balcony or leaking roof slab… and that means… a BIG mess.

We at JV Waterproofing try our best to make it as easy as possible for the client but there is no point in beating around the bush: You will be inconvenienced while we work in your home.

You will have to pack your breakables and valuables away.

There will be noise.

There will be limited space to move in.

There will be dust.

You will clean the house and the suspended dust will keep settling on all your surfaces making it look as if you never cleaned at all.

But know that after the dust settles, literally, for the last time, you will have a damp free home and all will be forgiven and forgotten.

Take a big breath and get the job done before the rains begin.


Before – Damp degraded walling
After – Drying out to be painted
Room covered in dropsheets in order to work on balcony


IMG_0791 copy
Before Repairs – Internal rising damp
IMG_0994 copy
After Repairs – Almost ready for painting


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