What you should know about your concrete roofs and slabs

If you have a concrete ceiling and you happen to look up, you may see cracks appearing on the underside of the concrete with the possibility that the concrete looks as if chunks of it may fall off.
This usually comes hand in hand with a brown discolouration, and possibly some white powder forming.
This degradation is called spalling.
Concrete slabs which are leaking, could compromise the structural integrity of the concrete roof, particularly if it is a suspended slab and is reinforced with steel.
Our experience is that most of these slabs are usually waterproofed with a torched-on membrane.
If the torched-on membrane were to fail in any way, water will be trapped under the torched-on membrane on top of the slab. That water will find its way into the slab through stress fractures and other weak points.
The result of this scenario is that the reinforcement in the slab may begin to corrode.
This corrosion may cause spalling of the concrete, weakening of the slab itself, and could ultimately result in a structural failure.

At JV Waterproofing we specialize in the application of cement based waterproofing systems.  The basic principle behind the system is hydration of cement.

Repair to spalling is done using specialised materials. Apply to the writer for more information about choice, application and use of these specialised materials.
Waterproofing of reinforced concrete slabs is best done using a semi-flexible, cement based system with appropriate expansion/ movement joints.
At JV Waterproofing we are proud to say that our systems are eco-friendly with a small carbon footprint and it is long-lasting.

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