Specialist advice and diagnoses of waterproofing and damp problems in buildings. 

Our engineer at JV Waterproofing is a specialist in the design and implementation of waterproofing and damp problems with buildings.
If there is any doubt as to the source of water damage, and related liability for the damage, our engineer can help in this regard.
We have in the past solved difficult problems for clients.
In order to arrive at justifiable and reasonable assessments with regard to damp and water leakages, our engineer uses a number of techniques. These being:
  • Flood tests, with or without dyes, depending on the conditions.
  • Video inspections of pipes buried in walls, concrete or underground.
  • Damp meters.
  • Ultraviolet lights with fluorescent dyes
  • Physical Investigations in localized areas
  • A determination of the properties of water transmitted by capillary action
These are some of the techniques employed by our engineer during investigations.
Our engineer is able to act as an expert witness in cases which are difficult and where the client may need assistance with regard to determining exactly how or where water is penetrating.
Our engineer has acted successfully in a number of arbitration cases for his clients.

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